DIVISION 6 Renegade Raceways Yakima, Wash. Aug. 27-29

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Friday Qualifying
Saturday Race
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Friday Qualifying:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE THREE TIME NATIONAL WINNER BUCKY AUSTIN DOESN’T GIVE AN INCH RENEGADE RACEWAY PARK, Yakima, Washington--The NHRA Federal- Mogul Drag Racing Series sponsored by Pepsi got off to a quick start with some very quick runs as temperatures dropped from the upper nineties to the low seventies at Renegade Raceway in Yakima, Wa. Federal-Mogul Funny Car driver Bucky Austin greatly benefited from the cooler temperatures as he tried to overtake Federal-Mogul Funny Car driver Steve Sommer’s top qualifying position of 5.904 seconds elapsed time. Sommer’s run came in the extreme heat of the first run in the afternoon while Austin made his bid for the fastest time into the coolness of the early evening. Austin ran a 5.907 seconds elapsed time to almost catch Sommer’s 5.904. Austin, who has won the last three NHRA national events in a row will be going for a win in the last of the Northwest Division events. Federal Mogul Funny Car driver Roger Bateman is the current points leader of the division and has a great enough lead of 100 points over second place John Hyland to assure Bateman the division championship title. Bateman said “This will more than likely be the last race of the year for us. We’re going back to Canada to work on our jobs at home. This has been a great year for our team and we hope to do even better next year.” 1998 NHRA FEDERAL-MOGUL DRAG RACING SERIES First day qualifying positions at Renegade Raceway Park, Yakima, Washington the sixth of six rounds in the 1998 NHRA Northwest Division Federal-Mogul Drag Racing Series, listing driver, hometown, state, vehicle, elapsed time in seconds, speed in miles per hour. FEDERAL-MOGUL DRAGSTER 1. Darren Nicholson, Laguna Hills, Calif. 5.759, 242.81 2. Dale Carlson, Olympia, Wash., 5.787, 241.66 3. John Shoemaker, Sacramento, Calif., 5.919, 234.12 4. Ed Verenka, Edmonton, Can., 6.108, 232.13 5. David Trimble, Morinville, Can., 6.542, 207.98 6. Mark Hentges, Federal Way, Wash., 1000.00, 0.000 FEDERAL-MOGUL FUNNY CAR 1. Steve Sommer, Nampa, Idaho, 5.904, 242.30 2. Bucky Austin, Fife, Wash., 5.907, 240.78 3. Roger Bateman, Calgary, Can., 6.016, 239.163 4. Randy Parker, Salem, Oreg., 6.058, 232.25 5. John Hyland, Springfield, Oreg., 6.369, 227.39 6. Jett Field, Pocatello, Idaho, 6.122, 231.004 7. Mitch Myers, Hermiston, Oreg., 6.299, 228.35 8. Russ Parker, Salem, Oreg., 6.239, 213.46 COMPETITION 1. Rick Houser, Pasadena, Calif., C/SR ‘34 Roadster, 8.960 -(0.440) 2. Andy Manna, Covina, Calif., C/SR ‘33 Ford Roadster, 8.992 -(0.408) 3. Clint Sallee, Glendive, Mont., C/D ‘98 Dragster, 7.328 -(0.372) 4. Rob Harrison, Vancouver, I/A ‘91 Barreta, 8.249 -(.351) 5. Dean Lindvig, Talent, Oreg., E/A ‘95 Buick, 8.517 -(0.343) 6. Rob Robinson, Portland, Oreg., B/EA ‘96 Cutlass, 8.228 -(0.342) 7. Jim Warter, Fox Island, Wash., B/SM ‘92 Buick, 9.108 -(0.272) 8. Row Schuster, Salem, Oreg., C/D ‘96 Chevy, 7.484 -(0.216) SUPER STOCK 1. Bill Blakeney, Bell, Calif., SS/HA ‘68 Camaro, 10.111 -(0.789) 2. Byron Setters, Red Deer, Can., GT/EA ‘96 Camaro 10.182 -(0.768) 3. Jeff Lane, North Bend, Wash., SS/CM ‘98 Grand Am, 9.193 -(0.707) 4. Dave Wren, Lynden, Wash., SS/BA ‘64 Plymouth, 9.509 -(0.691) 5. Dwight Deausy, Maple Ridge, Can., GT/FA ‘91 Calais, 10.427 -(0.673) 6. Don Thomas, Spruce Grove, GT/FA ‘89 Camaro, 10.448, -(0.652) 7. Art Congdon, Calgary, Can., GT/CA ‘91 Calais, 10.125 -(0.575) 8. Gary La Rouse, Brem, Wash., SS/LA ‘64 Chevelle, 11.194 -(0.556) STOCK 1. Shawn Towner, Lynnwood, Wash., K/SA ‘85 Camaro, 11.972 -(0.978) 2. MaryAnn Method, Kennwigo, Wash., C/SA ‘70 Nova, 10.766 -(0.934) 3. Rob Youngblood, Nampa, Idaho, D/S Mustang, 10.907, -(0.893) 4. Bob Kost, Renton, Wash., M/SA ‘77 Cutlass, 12.267 -(0.883) 5. Steve Hanby, Salem, Oreg., M/SA ‘85 Z-28, 12.269 -(0.881) 6. Don Elgin, Des Moines, Wash., N/SA ‘74 Pontiac, 12.421 -(0.879) 7. Ron Durham, Cameron Park, Calif., B/SA ‘71 Chevelle, 10.704 -(0.846) 8. Cal Method, Kennewick, Wash., F/SA ‘69 Camaro, 11.334 -(0.816)

Saturday Results:

LAST RACE IN NORTHWEST DIVISION BREAKS SEVERAL RECORDS RENEGADE RACEWAY, Yakima, Washington -- The eliminations in the NHRA Federal-Mogul Drag Racing Series presented by Pepsi provided some great excitement for the drivers and fans alike in this final race in the Northwest Division of the series. Federal-Mogul Dragster driver Darren Nicholson from Laguna Hills, Ca. broke both track records at Renegade raceway for the best elapsed time in seconds, as well as the best speed in miles per hour. But Nicholson didn’t just beat the track record over the two day period, he beat both records within the same run, and beat those records twice. Nicholson’s first record breaking run came in the heat of the day with a 5.69 seconds elapsed time, and 246 miles per hour. Then when it came down to the final race between Nicholson and Shoemaker, Nicholson astounded fans by once again breaking what had been the current record of 5.71 seconds with a 5.668 second run at 248 miles per hour. Federal-Mogul Funny Car driver Steve Sommer broke the other track record of the two day event by beating the fastest run of Renegade Raceway. Sommer’s 242.30 mile per hour run came right after a very disheartening moment as Sommer red lighted at the starting line automatically giving the win to Salem, Or. native Russ Parker. Local Yakima, Wa. Super Street driver Randy Sides also had aspirations of getting a few record breaking runs of his own during the weekend but unfortunatley lost in the first round of eliminations. Sides said “All I can do is try to win some races next year and come back to my hometown track to try again in 99.”

Instant Stats:


DIVISION 6 INSTANT STATS Renegade Raceways, Yakima, Wash. Federal-Mogul Dragster W: Darren Nicholson, Laguna Hills, Calif., Dragster, 5.668, 248 R/U: Dale Carlson, Olympia, Wash., Dragster, 5.920, 228.57 Federal-Mogul Funny Car W: Roger Bateman, Calgary, Can., Firebird, 5.972, 241.27 R/U: John Hyland, Springfield, Oreg., Mustang, 6.216, 236.85 Competition W: Rick Houser, Pasadena, Calif., C/SR ‘34 Roadster, 8.841, 147.78 R/U: Clint Sallee, Glendive, Montana, C/D ‘98 Dragster, 7.200, 186.47 Super Stock W: Bill Blakeney, Bell, Calif., SS/HA ‘68 Camaro, 10.119, 129.18 R/U: Byron Setters, Red Deer, Can., GT/EA ‘96 Camaro, 10.239, 131.19 Stock W: Mark Faul, Olympia, Wash., J/SA ‘85 Camaro, 12.123, 109.77 R/U: Rob Youngblood, Nampa, Idaho, D/S ‘71 Mustang, 10.938, 119.40 Super Comp W: Mark Barnhart, Emmett, Idaho, Dragster, 8.909, 161.58 R/U: Randy Franz, Ritzville, Wash., Dragster, 8.910, 160.52 Super Gas W: Bill Evans, New Westminster, Can., ‘67 Nova, 9.932, 140.41 R/U: Mike Shannon, Kecowna, Can., ‘94 Beretta, 9.910, 152.59 Super Street W: Randy Fries, Federal Way, Wash., ‘64 Ford, 10.864, 127.94 R/U: Jay Fulcher, Union Gap, Wash., ‘71 Chevelle, 10.865, 124.74 (Red light )