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Keeping up with drag racing legends Eddie and Ercie Hill


NHRA.com Senior Editor Rob Geiger shares this recent correspondence from Ercie Hill, the wife of drag racing legend Eddie Hill. Geiger's entry to the sport came from a newspaper article he wrote about the famous Texan when he was sports editor at The Baytown Sun in his hometown of Houston. The story on Hill led to a Public Relations job with Pennzoil, Hill's primary sponsor during his final few years behind the wheel.

"No matter where the NHRA tour takes us I always run into people who know I handled Eddie's PR near the end of his career and they always ask how he and Ercie are doing," Geiger said. "We keep in contact through e-mail and every once in awhile Ercie will take the time to write a nice letter like the one below. I thought NHRA.com readers would like to peek over my shoulder and see what's happening with two of my favorite people in the world."

Howdy friend,

Eddie and I are doing great. He's getting into giant scale radio-controlled aircraft now (we need a larger shop) and has been doing his aerobatics to classical music. He put on a performance a couple of weeks ago at a friend's dinner down from the ranch. Of course, I was his assistant.

I am taking Descriptive Astronomy this semester at MSU and am learning quantum physics and mechanics from our astro prof, who has a PhD in physics. All I wanted to do was look at stars.

Eddie and I are planning to visit a state park about a 100 miles from here for a "starwalk." We went a couple of weeks ago and it was so awesome we're going back. The regional astronomy club puts on a show with about two dozen telescopes with giant collectors. We can see star clusters, Mars' polar caps, the "Maria" and highlands of the moon, etc... It's almost a religious experience.

I stay dirty a lot these days. Eddie said he can't believe how bad my clothes look after even a few minutes out at the ranch but I personally think horse slobbers are a badge of honor. My closet is filled with jeans, hats, and boots and I have let my hair grow nearly to my waist and even wear it straight sometimes. No more hairspray that would stop a bird in flight!

I have six horses of my own and board 10 others. Two weeks ago our new boarders gave me a black five-month-old Missouri Foxtrotter foal that I named "Nitro." My first baby! We still have four Tennessee Walkers – Star, Bandera (Spanish for "flag"), Chief, and Lil – and a 5-year-old huge mustang mare named Bella Sera, which I'm told is Italian for "beautiful evening." I gentled her from being feral last April, and my finest feat so far is that I lived to tell about it. She follows me around like a puppy, as do all of the horses. They love the hand that feeds them.

Come on up and go for a ride with us. Get off the asphalt and into God's country. I promise to keep the rattlers and scorpions away from you. I did see half a dozen beautiful white-tailed deer browsing in the trees on the back side of the property this evening. It was pretty awesome.

Eddie said he would love to have a chance to race against Dick LaHaie and Alan Johnson again if he was offered a tuning job. Top Fuel is a thrilling class and it would be fun to go head-to-head with them again. I think Eddie's pretty much over being a driver, but would still like to tune. I still don't think God is through with us, just giving us a much-needed rest.

Peace and blessings,

E & E

This story is copyright 2003 National Hot Rod Association. It may not be reprinted or retransmitted in any form without the express written permission of NHRA.com.

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